Bar Luce
Largo Isarco, 2 – Milan
Neighborhood: Chiesa Rossa
Type of Food: Cafe, Snack Bar
Vibe: Kitschy, Whimsical
Go for the decor designed by Wes Anderson

Al Fresco
Via Savona, 50 – Milan

Neighborhood: Porto Genova
Type of Food: Innovative Italian
Vibe: Secret Garden
Go for the atmosphere and the fresh take on Italian classics

Cafe Trussardi
Piazza della Scala, 5 – Milan
Neighborhood: Brera
Type of Food: Italian
Vibe: Tasteful, Fashionable
Go for the fancy dinner before the opera

The Brisket
Ripa de Porta Ticinese, 65 – Milan
Neighborhood: Navigli
Type of Food: Barbecue
Vibe: Authentic Texas Barbecue, Casual
Go for the change of pace after eating pasta five days in a row

Giacomo Bistrot
Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6 – Milan
Neighborhood: Porta Vittoria
Type of Food: Italian, Seafood
Vibe: Elegant, Library
Go for the veal and fresh choices of fish

Via Felice Casati, 27 – Milan
Neighborhood: Stazione Centrale
Type of Food: Breakfast, Bakery
Vibe: Pinterest-Worthy, Charming
Go for the homemade panettone or the sourdough brioche filled with Nutella

Corso Sempione, 10 – Milan
Neighborhood: Sempione
Type of Food: Japanese-Brazilian Fusion, Sushi
Vibe: Quirky, Colorful
Go for the fresh sushi

Via Erodoto, 2 – Milan
Neighborhood: Turro Gorla Greco
Type of Food: Steakhouse, Italian
Vibe: Peaceful, Relaxing
Go for the outdoor picnic-like setting


Piazza Carlo Archinto – Milan

Neighborhood: Isola
Type of Bar: Cocktails
Vibe: Hipster
Go for the friendly staff, great cocktails, and rock and roll music

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43 – Milan
Neighborhood: Navigli
Type of Bar: Cocktails, Takeaway
Vibe: Secretive, Tiny
Go for a whiskey drink in the smallest bar in the world or grab one to go

Mag Cafe
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43 – Milan
Neigborhood: Navigli
Type of Bar: Cocktails
Vibe: Eclectic
Go for the creative high quality cocktails

Via Vigevano, 19 – Milan
Neighborhood: Navigli
Type of Bar: Pub, Apertivo
Vibe: Quirky, Casual
Go for the happy hour buffet and affordable cocktails

Images via Al Fresco, Trussardi, Brisket, Giacomo BistrotPavé, Vinyl, Flawless MilanoAcquachetaTongsMag Cafe, and Zomato.

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