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Dublin is home to small, winding, cobblestone streets lined with colorful pubs, souvenir shops, and restaurants full of visitors from around the globe. It’s easy to fall in love with flowers growing up the sides of buildings and the Celtic fonts finding their way onto each and every street sign. This city is more than just jolly sightseers enjoying a few too many pints – there are noteworthy restaurants to try, unique bars, and historic buildings that are simply breathtaking. Dublin’s charm is really something special. Here you will find a curated selection of our favorite spots in this lovely city.


36 Wexford Street / +353 1 552 5408

Type of Food: Burgers
Vibe: Casual, Quick
Go for the cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries

vintage kitchen |
The Vintage Kitchen
7 Poolbeg Street / +353 1 679 8705

Type of Food: Irish Comfort Food
Vibe: Cozy, Friendly, Approachable
Go for the Cajun seafood chowder and filet of hake

18 Merrion Row / +353 1 678 8872

Type of Food: Irish, Mediterranean
Vibe: Casual, Cozy
Go for the fresh ingredients and wine list

drury buildings |
Drury Buildings
52-55 Drury Street / +353 1 960 2095

Type of Food: Burgers
Vibe: Eclectic, Modern
Go for the delish Italian bites and lovely garden

super miss sue |
Super Miss Sue
2-3 Drury Street / +353 1 679 9009

Type of Food: Seafood, Fish and Chips
Vibe: Take-Away (Cervi)
Go for the late night fish and chips

brother hubbard |
Brother Hubbard
153 Capel Street / +353 1 441 1112

Type of Food: Cafe, Brunch, Middle Eastern
Vibe: Cozy, Friendly
Go for the mezze platter among friends

sister sadie |
Sister Sadie
46 Harrington Street / +353 1 441 6596

Type of Food: Cafe, Brunch
Vibe: Friendly, Casual
Go for the Turkish eggs and hummus

Hatch and Sons
15 St Stephen’s Green / +353 1 661 0075

Type of Food: Brunch, Comfort Food
Vibe: Rustic, No Fuss
Go for the Turkish eggs and hummus


The Chelsea Drugstore
25 South Great George’s Street / +353 1 6139093

Type of Bar: Cocktails
Vibe: Buzzing, Fun, Mysterious
Go for the Summer in Surrey cocktail and Connect Four

the long hall |
The Long Hall
51 South Great George’s Street / +353 1 475 1590

Type of Bar: Pub
Vibe: Traditional, Historic
Go for the whiskey selection

vintage cocktail club |
Vintage Cocktail Club
15 Crown Alley / +353 1 675 3547

Type of Bar: Speakeasy
Vibe: Antique, Refined
Go for the impeccably prepared cocktails in a sexy setting

the hairy lemon |
The Hairy Lemon
41-42 Stephen Street Lower / +353 1 671 8949

Type of Bar: Pub
Vibe: Traditional, Welcoming
Go for a pint in the laid back atmosphere

Images via TripAdvisor / The Vintage Kitchen, BunsenEtto, Drury Buildings, Chelsea Drugstore, Facebook / Super Miss Sue, Facebook/ Coffee Circle, Facebook / Sister Sadie, Facebook / Hatch and SonsThe Hairy Lemon

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