Not all nightlife in Miami needs to include wearing high heels and spending your life savings on craft cocktails and bottle service. In fact, we think it’s necessary to venture away from the upscale and glamorous nightlife at least once on a vacation to South Beach. Check out our favorite bars off the beaten path.

1220 16th Street • Miami, FL

Wander into Bodega if you’re skeptical of leaving the extravagant bar scene on the ocean and just want to dip your feet in the pool of unconventional bars. You’ll immediately forget you’re in South Beach once you set eyes on the taco truck trailer inside. Specials are taped to the outside and the tacos range from $3-$5. While in line, make sure to snag a picture of the playful sign above the trailer that always reads something clever – i.e. “I drink tequila to make other people more interesting.” Speaking of tequila, you’ll be taking a shot of this in lieu of an entrance fee to the back room speakeasy style bar. Just enter through the port-o-potty door, and you’ll be shocked at what’s on the other side. Think high ceilings, a pool table, hip hop music, and a massive bar. You really can’t go wrong here.

222 Espanola Way • Miami Beach, FL

Now that you’re warmed up, we’ll introduce you to the quirkiest bar in Miami, Kill Your Idol. This place has life-size Bruce Lee statues and astronauts hanging from the walls. Events here range from ladies’ night (free drinks!) to drag shows. We loved ordering PBR served in red solo cups and listening to indie rock blasting from the speakers. This place is straight up funky and the perfect place to venture for a cheap night out.

218 Espanola Way • Miami Beach, FL

Located directly next to Kill Your Idol, Lost Weekend is a little more mainstream than its kooky neighbor. Pool, Foosball, and air hockey tables span the space, and you’ll hear more pop and hip-hop music (think Justin Bieber) at night. The environment here is super friendly and relaxed – maybe due to the $7 pitchers of beer. Lost Weekend has a wide selection of local and craft beers as well. Once you’re hungry, set your eyes on their junk food. We haven’t tasted the food here, but we can imagine those cheesesteaks, pizzas, and tater tots are just fine after a few drinks. We recommend starting the night next door and heading here for the perfect nightcap.

222 14th Street • Miami Beach, FL

This bar is a Miami institution. Club Deuce is the oldest dive bar in South Beach, and its neon lights and black and white tiled floors are iconic. Join locals and tourists in the dark and dingy environment where people watching is a must. The vibe here is cool, laid back, and a far shoot from your typical SoBe scene. Expect strong drinks at ridiculously cheap prices and great tunes from the jukebox. Almost every hour is happy hour (8am-7pm) where you’ll enjoy two drinks for only $5. If nothing else, stop here for the rich history.


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